Prices on Madeira

Is Madeira an expensive location? Can it be affordable? We will try to answer those questions in our entry. Hotels are very expensive on Madeira. Regardless of the season, you will rarely find places asking for less than 100 euro a night, though some are present – for example Hotel Euro Moniz and Hotel GirassolContinue reading “Prices on Madeira”

Beaches of Madeira

Madeira is no Tenerife – there’s no abundance of beautiful beaches with fine, golden sand (technically there some, but they were artificially created). Which doesn’t mean that there are no beach worth spending a day on! There are a few places on Madeira where a visitor longing for beach holiday should visit, and we willContinue reading “Beaches of Madeira”

Madeira for children

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Madeira is frequently visited by whole families. What attractions will be the most fun for the youngest visitors? We will discuss them briefly in this article. And, since you are already here, we welcome you to read our articles about the attractions of Madeira inContinue reading “Madeira for children”

Attractions of Madeira

Madeira is known as the European Hawaii, and the nickname is not that far from truth – the islands are some of the very few places in Europe dominated by evergreen tropical vegetation. Discovered in middle ages and settled by the Portuguese by the end of it, for most of its history the islands hadContinue reading “Attractions of Madeira”

What to bring to Madeira?

Madeira is a place with consistently warm climate. However, unlike the neighboring Canary Islands, it doesn’t mean it is hot, even in the middle of the summer. This may bring a bit of confusion to tourists planning to visit the archipelago. What is beat to take to Madeira? We will discuss it briefly below. InContinue reading “What to bring to Madeira?”

Weather on Madeira

Madeira is an archipelago located on the Atlantic Ocean, not that far from the Canary Islands. Unlike the Canaries, Madeira belongs to Portugal. When talking about Madeira, we usually mean the island of the same name, the largest the most populous of the islands, as well the the one the tourists land on. But whatContinue reading “Weather on Madeira”